Herbert V. Kohler, Jr.


Herbert V. Kohler, Jr.

Kohler Farms Founder:

Knowing what a positive experience horses can be for children, Herbert V, Kohler Jr., purchased his first Morgan Horse in 1970. “I wanted to buy one or two riding horses and possibly a broodmare, so my kids could experience raising horses . . . ” says the energetic CEO of Kohler Corporation and founder of Kohler Stables.

“I looked around at the various breeds and decided that the Morgan Horse was intelligent, trainable and very versatile. I contacted Mark Staehnke in Chicago, who was the only real trainer I knew in the breed at the time.” Kohler and Staehnke then set off for Kentucky to attend the Val’s Dispersal Sale. It was at this sale that Kohler discovered and successfully purchased a young stallion by the name of Vigilmarch. The rest, as they say, “is history”. With Vigilmarch as the cornerstone, Kohler Stables was on it’s way to becoming one of the largest and most successful Morgan breeding programs in the country.

Since those early days in 1970 the Morgan has become the only breed for Kohler. “The Morgan Horse is a terrific animal,“ says Kohler. “They are so intelligent . . . (They) are relatively easy to train and they are so beautiful and showy.”

As a breeder of extraordinary Morgan horses, Kohler has seen the fulfillment of many dreams over the past 30 years. And, with its enormous impact on the breed, Kohler Stables has come to represent a standard of excellence within the Morgan Horse industry.